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Dig2China Update

2015-01-27 17:24:20 by innersloth

Hey guys, PuffballsUnited here. First off, just wanted to say thanks for enjoying Dig2China and for the daily award!


Just wanted to let you all know we've updated D2C to fix a few of the big issues with the game. The initial boost should be much more forgiving now. No more losing 4 hp off the bat (Hopefully). We've also amped up the turning to make it better overall. The radar has been updated a bit too. You can see the full details in the game's description. So if you played it once but didn't like it because of some of these issues, give it another try! :D


Oh, if some of you are confused as to why PuffballsUnited it writing this from here rather than on his own account I will explain. This account is where I will post games that I've made together with ForteBass. We're gonna be making tons of games together in the future so keep a look out!


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