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Sports: Now with ∞% more Gamepad and Multiplayer!

Posted by innersloth - June 23rd, 2018

I think the title says it all. It wasn't there before (because making a game in a weekend is hard enough...), but now it is!


We didn't have enough controllers to test 8 players, so let us know if it works! I did see that Chrome has a hard time picking up more than one controller, but I didn't have any troubles with Edge or FireFox.

We'll keep on adding things to Sports between our other games, which reminds me: Have you heard about Among Us? (Nice segue, right?) It's a free local-multiplayer co-op/betrayal party game, and we just released it to open beta last week!

Grab some friends and give it a go on Android and iOS! (You can play between the two and even over mobile hotspot!)


Comments (24)

Are you considering porting among us to Xbox and PS4?

I need to contact innersloth please, a user entered my server from among us (my server was in public) but the user I am talking about put in the chat: binimpostor.exe or something similar, and immediately left the game, for Please someone who can tell me how to contact innersloth or if innersloth is already reading this, please explain what happened

Do you guys have a active support line I was blocked from servers I’m pretty sure I know why but I’d like to be able to speak to someone

Can you make among us on ps4.

@Xero425Omega i believe that he's just trolling.

When I purchase a skin, how can I keep it or link it with an account?

@matt22332 yes, if it with a bit changes.

Hi my name is Kelly and I’m a girl this is my brother ipad and I need a boyfriend

Hi my name is Kelly and I’m a girl and I need a boyfriend

@Ghkygh lmao

Dear developers, I recently found an exact copy of your original game, although it is more wretched in graphic terms, please hear me and figure it out. I do not want unsuspecting people to play this ugliness, and not your masterpiece. Name of the game: "Murder Us", I found this on the Playmarket...

There is a sloth inside us

@Franking2000 I dont think so

@Ghkygh lol u dont lol haahahhaha get rekt

Why can't I play when I put PRIVRATE codes?

I'm trying to use Tiya

Can we put a villan role in airship map

amgous SUS moment xd

I'm scarlet and I love Among Us is the airship out yet on Among Us

I played among us before it was popular :)

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